A Higher Perspective - College Campus

My grandfather Jack had a big framed map of the United States in his home that had raised areas wherever there are mountains. I LOVED looking at it...imagining the world from the air, all of us so tiny, connected by pathways, winding rivers, patterns we forget from the ground. Jack put a little red heart sticker on every place our extended family lived. All the dots across the map that connected us across time and space..all these puzzle pieces that fit together when viewed from a higher perspective. Since Bob, Emma, Lilly and I moved from Salem, VA to Phoenix, AZ two years ago, I have thought much about what makes a place home...I have looked at the world out of a plane window many times as the colors turn from brown, tan and purple to emerald green and blue. I lived in Salem for 45 years and the events of the last few weeks in my hometown have only solidified my love for this beautiful place. These are my new series of paintings A HIGHER PERSPECTIVE. PM me if interested! I know exactly where I can put my tiny heart stickers Granddaddy Jack.