Artist Statement


In my current work I am creating paintings that explore how energy, spirit and unseen forces move through our physical world as abstract expressionist images. The paintings are not a literal depiction of a particular external place, but are creations born from my memories, imagination, and subconscious – an internal landscape. I am interested in making highly subjective works that evade a single interpretation. I explore the mind – body connection through my process, focusing on stream of consciousness painting. I sometimes feel like my mark making is a new spiritual alphabet where I can compose songs or poems my heart already knows.  I am compelled  to make works that, for me, are like maps to a higher place. I see my canvases as symbolic windows through which I am looking into  and out of for my images. When I am painting, I am connected to something larger than myself, actively participating in a search for  understanding, balance, serendipity, and inspiration.