Taking new commissions in for 2018!!

Handmade / Personalized Santas

I am now taking pre-orders for my 2018 personalized collection of hand sculpted Santa figures. They are available in two sizes (7" tall and 14" tall). You can commission me to personalize colors, names, symbols, and bling! My first ten customers will receive a free 7" sculpted tree with purchase!

We will communicate details over phone or email for these preordered Santas after you place your order. Santas will be shipped in late February. 

Julie Hamilton Art : My Mission

I am an artist in a love affair with color, lush paint, and mark making!

I create paintings that explore spirit, unseen and natural forces, and physical space as abstract expressionist images. The paintings are not a literal depiction of an external place, but are creations born from my memories, imagination, and subconscious - an internal landscape. I explore the mind / body connection through my process, focusing on stream of consciousness painting. I see my marks like a spiritual writing or language...connecting myself to something greater...participating in a search for understanding, balance, serendipity, and purpose.


What my clients say...

"I love Julie's art because it is so vibrant and full of life. There is an empathetic energy running through all of her work...the color, mood, style feels radiant. I love having her pieces in my home...they make me feel alive with possibility!"

-Natalie M.

"I am drawn to Julie's art because of the color, movement, scale, and most of all...they make my walls happy! Our home is very colorful and happy thanks to her vision, artistry and her heart."

-Ginger A.

"In every "Julie", you will receive a piece of her emotions. The energy and soul behind her paintings produce so much depth -it's unreal. Her creativity is boundless...I simply can't get enough!"

-Emily M.


Watch my process!