Julie is a Virginia native now living in Phoenix, AZ. She has been painting for over 35 years and uses her art to make the world a more colorful place. In addition to her art, Julie is a Creativity Coach that guides her to clients find a pathway to their own colorful life.
From the start of her career she has been drawn to lyrical brushstrokes and bright color palettes. Her layered spontaneous mark making bring depth and beauty to each canvas. Julie imbues her work with good energy, movement and balance. The result of her stream of consciousness approach is her own spiritual language that can at times suggest landscapes or florals.  

She is raising her two daughters and shih tzu Ellie with her husband and best friend...painting everything along the way! Organized chaos is a beautiful thing! She specializes in custom work on canvas for home and business.



In my current work I am creating paintings that explore how energy, spirit and unseen forces move through our physical world as abstract expressionist images. The paintings are not a literal depiction of a particular external place, but are creations born from my memories, imagination, and subconscious – an internal landscape. I am interested in making highly subjective works that evade a single interpretation. I explore the mind – body connection through my process, focusing on stream of consciousness painting. I sometimes feel like my mark making is a new spiritual alphabet where I can compose songs or poems my heart already knows.  I am compelled  to make works that, for me, are like maps to a higher place. I see my canvases as symbolic windows through which I am looking into  and out of for my images. When I am painting, I am connected to something larger than myself, actively participating in a search for  understanding, balance, serendipity, and inspiration.


2007 Master of Fine Arts, Hollins University, Hollins, VA, USA

1995 Bachelor of Fine Arts, James Madison University, Harrisonburg, VA, USA