In my studio this fall

In my studio this fall

How is it mid October already!? I can hardly believe it, especially since we are still having 100 degree days here in Phoenix. I have days where I miss East Coast fall with the chilly mornings, rainy days, colorful leaves and a fire in the fireplace. But we have reached the time of year here in the Sonoran Desert that borders on heaven, too. Crystal blue cloudless skies, desert flowers in bloom, patio dining and gorgeous sunsets. We choose to bloom where we’re planted. My little fam still make all our fall memories through fall soup recipes, pumpkin desserts, autumn bevies and movies! It is also finally cool enough to take my studio assistant (pictured above) on long walks again which is wonderful for us both. 

In the studio, it has already been Christmas for a few weeks! I have been following my inspiration for the new works since mid July in preparation for all my holiday offerings. In October and November I will be releasing my new greeting cards, small oil paintings on paper, my yearly ornaments, new angels, hummingbirds and more! I hope you will think of me when you need an extra special gift that is full of heart and color! I also have a handful of custom pumpkins left if you’d be interested in leveling up your Thanksgiving table a few notches! 

Speaking of color, I am excited to share my latest earrings today from The Palette Collection! One hundred and eight pair of colorful statement earrings pulled straight from my palette with lightweight polymer clay. It was a new process for me that allowed me to paint on the clay in layers and tear / collage the clay to mimic my large scale abstract works! I had the best earring model for my photos that show the scale of the earrings! I love them so much I wish I could keep them all! 😂🤷🏻‍♀️. I think they will be the perfect accessory for the upcoming party season. But I will tell you what I always tell my girls…

“Remember, it’s not the jewelry that makes us beautiful…it is a talisman we can use to remind of the beauty that is already shining from within” - Julie

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Palette Collection

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