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Angel and Ornament Set #9

Angel and Ornament Set #9

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I am so pleased to offer 9 of these special sets this year. I never know when I am painting each little canvas who the angel / soul / spirit represents but they ALWAYS find for whom they are meant. 

This set has one 4” x 4” x 2” canvas and a matching Angel ornaments. The sets are either in gold, silver leaf, or sky blue. Each is signed on the side. My hope is that they can be a visual reminder, a touchstone that reminds us our love ones are never far. 

I don’t paint traditional angel images because the silhouette of a human form as a container and a “open space” speaks closer to my heart. I would like to share something I wrote after my sister Jill crossed over,  in the hopes it may give words to something you believe too.


“The hole we feel in our heart is in fact an opening.

It is a passageway.  A window for the light to pass from heaven into this world.  Where all who have gone before us are whole and healed.  I do not believe that the soul dies when the body dies.  I believe it is a transfer of our beautiful energy.  And if you believe that is true, then death is a doorway... an opening...

for lessons

for light

for messages

for movement

for faith

for hope

for patience

for love to pass from here to there

and there to here.

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